AADVIK Tech provides the following services

Web Designing

Web designing process begins with the meeting or quotation of the client for web designing process our team primarily hit the drawing tool & put a creative strategic design in front of the client and make a mutual understanding about the theme of the project with the client. Where we provide :- Classic design , Responsive design , Simply understandable design

Web Hosting

We provide the hosting solution to the B2B and B2C bases as per need. Where you can list your own website or application on the board or on internet @ exciting prices and better quality.

Logo, Icon & Broacher Designing

“First Impression is the Last Impression ” A logo must be Unique and Eye Catching as it gives the first look about you and your services, so the audience experience must be remember able. Here we provide the unique and classic logo and icon designing.

Web Development

We First understand your brand research about it & after being associated with it we work for transforming it and to create unlimited and never lasting opportunities for you all on the internet. We develop an entire web application with helping of the ideas of the client & help to digitlize that idea. Here our team help you tot take your business to the next level.

Mobile Application (Android / Ios)

“World is in your hands” yes its right due to mobile technology and knowledge , the world is in the hand of the common people then ever before. The smart [hone user segment is the fastest growing segment & therefore this segment wants everything on their smart phones. i.e android platform application are the necessity for every brand these days, to grow their business. Here based on requirement and quarries we provide most customized assistant application to the brands which are categorized below.


“Planting Trees “ is same as seo the more you water the more you fruit. Seo is search engine optimization which has done to explore your business either by your existing web site or by creating a new one. Our team works on the platform to make your stand first in the queue so the client can pic the first form the number of the availabilities & increase the chances to be chosen by the customer.

Digital Marketing

We focus on organically grown internet marketing. We offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social media management, website and informational accuracy assurance. All utilizing statistics to show holes, opportunities, and growth in your company's marketing strategy

E-Commerce Solution

“Lets start your own digital store” e-commerce portal is a web portal which is provided by our team , where you can start your own business in internet or shift your physical business on internet. Ecommerce becomes a necessity instead of a means to drive the higher traffic we provide the ecommerce portal to small and medium organizations.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is the latest action which is to be done, to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event on the social media where it can be reached by the social media users.

Branding & Marketing

Branding and Marketing is most important thing to popular any product or service. A Company’s brand represents their market identity. We deals in Marketing and Branding and provide the marketing solutions to make the products popular.

IT Management

We deals in IT management and having a IT Manager in our Core team gives us strength and works as a pillar in organization. It is a process where all resources related to information technology are managed according to an organization's priorities and needs.

IT Consultant

IT Consultation is now more popular these days and for running & working in partnership with clients and suggest them ideas to meet their Business objective also work to improve the structure and hierarchy of IT system. We also provide the consultation for All the new technologies available.

Web Promotions

Web Promotions is a process used by us to increase the exposer of the client’s website to bring more visitor to the website by reaching to the millions of users globally at right time and right place.


Clients host their sites with us because we have unmatched reliability, blazingly fast servers, and great rates. Included in hosting are daily file structure and database backups so you can rest assured that your data is safe and sound.

Desktop Application Development

Desktop applications are the application which are dedicatedly works on the desktop and laptops.

Web Application Development

Web applications are the application which are dedicatedly works on the Browsers and Websites.

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS is the service which is being used for targeting the large number of audience about your product and services , IT takes just a single click to deliver SMS's in bulk. This is the Marketing process used in the aware the audience about the products, We provide the Bulk SMS services in packages as per B2B and B2C Basis.

Link Building Services

Every Entrepreneur or Business owner Spent time and entire effort in setting a website for their organization , although it has a probability that website is not being reached by the users , in that case Link building is used to provide their links on other website which are being generally used by the users and get the users aware about the websites. We Provide Link building services at very low cost and as per client requirements.

Content Writing

Content Is the Spine cord of any website so it is necessary that content in the website is easily understand by the visitors and audience , as the simple and best the content is , the more understand by the visitor , so the audience can be entertained more and get bit aline with the services. Here we provide the Content writing services at very reliable prices.

Training Services

Aadvik Tech’s Training & Development Service is a Training solution where our focus is to provide training in Designing, Devloping and delivering site-orientated operations and maintenance training program with our compentancy and training programs. We also provide Coporate training and vocational trainings , here the training Services includes Video & Elearning Services.

Content Management Services

Content Management service is the latest Trend in the website where we can access everything in a single website portal , We works on all types of CMS , You can choose any type of CMS for your WEBSITE.